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‘Coaching means looking for the core of the problem, together.
Only then can you go forward’

Coaching is very intense. You immerse yourself in the life and thinking patterns of someone else. You look for obstacles that prevent the other person from being fully involved in life. Coaching sessions take at least one part of a day, often a whole day and sometimes even two days in a row.

To really get to the core, it takes a lot of practice and time. This won’t be achieved with just an hour a week. These coaching sessions are consuming and intense, for both, but resourceful and needed to produce the desired results.

Ofkje Teekens


Ofkje (1960) studied Dutch Linquistics in Utrecht, worked for years in secondary education, and has had a successful practice for learning disabilities in The Hague for over twenty years now. She studied Jungian psychology, trained as a Talent Coach, developed the Young Talent-, the Bloom of Life-, The shift of Life- and The Web of Life games.

Remedial teaching

‘A practice must first and foremost be child-friendly’

Children must feel at home, because only then, you can bring out the best in them. That is why we invest in creating a warm environment and a cozy atmosphere. From this basis on, we can give all the attention to the guidance of the problems that a child has to deal with.

From her expertise, Ofkje wrote articles, gave interviews and published a book about learning disabilities. In addition, she developed a series of schoolbooks about spelling and grammar, algebra and proverbs and sayings, which are in use at a large number of schools in the country.


Practice for Learning disabilities

Our team consists of professionals who have been associated with our practice for many years. Their experience and expertise ensure that your child receives the guidance it needs.

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