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Learning disabilities? We can help!

Many childeren and teenagers suffer from backlogs in school, both in primary and secondary education. The cause of this can vary: from a learning problem such as dyslexia or anxiety or a move, to a disease or other private circumstances.
We help the kids (and their parents) to deal with this and have done so successfully for over twenty years!

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Remedial teaching

In a homely atmosphere, pupils (primary and secondary school) are supported and supported by experts and experienced staff. Extra attention is paid to learning disabilities, disadvantages and / or weak spots on the curriculum and, in consultation with parents and school, work is being done systematically to improve the learning situation. The practice is open from Monday to Thursday.

Learning disabilities

Learning problems come in different forms: add, adhd, pdd-nos, dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc. They hinder children in their development at school and at home. In our practice we have years of experience in dealing with learning disabilities. Recognizing the problems and then, moreover, learning parents and children how to deal with it, often means a reduction in the burden of the problem.

Fear of failure

Fear of failure can paralyze children, on the moments it really matters. At presentations, rehearsals or exams, they completely shut down and they do not know how to achieve good results. And this, while they often are very gifted. These frustrating situations can often be dealt with by learning how to cope with this fear via a fear of failure training.

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The annual Cito test for pupils in Grade 6 (last year of elementary school) often is a source of tension for the whole family. That does not have to be the case if the child is well prepared. We can prepare your child via our annual Cito training, that gradually rehearses all parts of the test and tutors the pupils how to get used to the form of questioning, the test situation and the working pace.

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